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Re-styling of Restaurant’s chain in Japan

The project involves the re-styling of Saizeriya commercial chain with more than a thousand restaurants of Italian food in Japan.

The new style for Saizeriya’s restaurant chain derives from analysis and inspiration taken from Italian lifestyle, Italian arts and Italian Industrial Design products.
The re-styling concepts is strongly linked to colors resulting from Italian landscapes: small cities overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, vineyards, wheat fields, olive groves.
Cities and landscapes images are part of the interior design, in a dialogue with walls colors and finishing, and stylized reproduction on glass walls.
Restaurants lay-out is characterized by the so-called “islands”, which can be alternated in ‘islands’ of ‘wheat’, ‘grape’, and ‘olive’. Each of them having different sets of colors.
Following the main concept, the floor itself can vary with the theme “On the Lawn” or “On the Beach”.
The result is a unique image of re-styling, allowing a variety and flexibility in Interior Design.
Given the high number of restaurants, Saizeriya corporation will have the opportunity to differentiate each restaurant, still having a unique image and concept.

a. Corporate Identity Guidelines Manual (Architectural Design, Corporate Image, Graphics)
“Corporate Identity Guidelines Manual” is a comprehensive manual of all the architectural and interior design chosen elements. It also contains graphics of pictograms, plates, cups, menus, uniforms, etc., and all the graphics of the wall finishing.
The manual will be used by Saizeriya corporation to communicate the design to its staff and to implement future restaurant’s refurbishing.

b. Prototype Restaurant and refurbishing of existing restaurants
In 2013 in Tokyo a prototype restaurant was realized in order to verify materials, construction methods, costs. In size of 250 sqm with the ‘Wheat’ island and ‘On the Beach’ floor.
During the first six months after refurbishing, the restaurant’s performance achieved +30% of selling.
Following the results, other restaurants have been designed and refurbished, with ‘Olive’ and ‘Wine’ islands. Some of them are in self-standing single buildings, others are in commercial center, with restaurants on one or two floors.

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