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Remembering Mondrian


Remembering Mondrian

Renovation of Penthouse in Turin

Renovation project of three attics for residential use in Turin on the top floor of a Liberty building dating back to 1928. The concept of the renovation project is taken from the Mondrian painting entitled Tableau II (1921-1925). The choice of the framework is consistent with the construction period of the building. The construction work involved the complete overhaul of the roof with the addition of five new dormers and the construction of a lift in the inner courtyard. The new roof structure of the building has been designed with laminated wood trusses, exposed wooden planks, insulating materials and brick tiles. The premises below include three real estate units, two open spaces and a two-room apartment to which one happens from the condominium stairwell and a small private corridor. Each unit is characterized by one of the primary colors used by Mondrian in its minimalist composition. There is therefore a red, a blue, a yellow attic. The primary color is present on some walls inside the rooms and on the entrance doors. Each unit has a sleeping area, a living area with kitchenette, and a bathroom. The furnishings have been custom designed taking advantage of every available space. The light design project is focused on the use of light integrated with the architecture. The kitchenettes are simple but complete with the necessary equipment. The new lift has a cast iron and glass completely transparent, with a call to the bright red color inside the cabin.

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    Roberto Apostolo and Paola Maria Delpiano are two architects in Turin who work together after having experienced different professional and training paths. Roberto Apostolo was for many years a professor of architectural design at the Polytechnic of Turin. He associates with the architectural job the complementary activity of photographer free lance in collaboration with some national newspapers such as La Repubblica, Il Corriere della Sera, La Stampa, etc. His design research is summarized in the volume Metamoprphosis Art/Architecture (Milan, 2005) and focuses on the relationship between modern art and its metamorphosis in built architecture. Paola Maria Delpiano is a freelance architect and essayist. His text Viaggio intorno alla Dinamite Nobel (Turin, 2011) has received awards and prizes at the national level. Both work in the field of architectural design, interior design, restoration and renovation of residential, accommodation, cultural and other buildings.

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