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Renovation and arrangement of the lobby of the Club House “Circolo della Stampa Sporting” in Turin (Italy)


Renovation and arrangement of the lobby of the Club House “Circolo della Stampa Sporting” in Turin (Italy)

Project winner of the Contest for the renovation of the Club House, historical building designed by Arch Domenico Morelli. Work in progress

Project winner of the Contest for the Renovation and arrangement of the clubhouse “Circolo della Stampa Sporting”, historical building designed in 1939 by Domenico Morelli.
The project concerned both common areas reserved to members (lobby, reception, reading & relaxation area, shop, bar, restaurant, external courtyard transformed into a living room) and a new space for the secretariat. The need to functionally reorganize the lobby has led to a rethinking of layout, maintaining continuity with the original one and enhancing the image of tradition and excellence that always distinguished the Club. The project focuses on the recovery of the original perspective view between inside and outside, preserving original elements such as columns covered by mosaic tiles and historical appliques.
The interior design solution aims to create an environment that is sober, cozy, refined as well as inserting elements with a clear and precise formal and functional identity.
In the large lobby the space is divided by diaphragms that become connotating elements of the proposed decorative language, that separate reception area, secretariat office, shop corner and a relaxation & reading area bounded by a wooden floor and by a corten covered wall that echoes the color of the red earth of the tennis courts. The diaphragms are covered by large elaborated photographic image depicting characters or events that characterize the Circle, fixed on supports that allows interchangeability.
The reception elliptical counter opposes to the rigorousness of diaphragms, conceived with organic shape in homage to the Morelli curvilinear design of the pool changing-rooms area.
The “classic” and rigorous design of the project blends with contemporary choice of materials and lighting. At the reception, aligned with the entrance, a large colored plexiglass ellipse descends from the ceiling following the perimeter. Inside, the historic hanging lamps forms a chandelier that is made contemporary by the “colored transparent sign” that projects light and shadow on walls and floor, interacting with natural light from the large windows.
The lighting design characterizes the spaces, more playful in the bar and bistro, more elegant and refined in the restaurant.
The secretariat office is bordered by opaque panels and stained glass windows to guarantee the privacy of workers. The external courtyard is closed by a glazed wall along the portico and protected by a glass cover, making this area a more quiet and reserved place for conversation. The sober and fresh environment will allow to enjoy the beautiful perspective view of the greenery and of the pool in all seasons.
Each area has a scenographic feature and they dialogue each other thanks to the corten wall that became the “fil rouge” going from the lobby to the bar, bistro and restaurant.
In the bar, a long table allows to share a breakfast or quick lunch looking at videowall behind the counter that broadcast information about events and videos. Bistro and restaurant are characterized by corten covered walls, vegetable green and peeled trees that interact with the nature surrounding the Club and allows an ethereal distinction between inside and outside.

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Credits by Alberto Opalio

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