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Renovation and Extension of an apartment in Turin


Renovation and Extension of an apartment in Turin

An apartment (160mq), 4 floors, and the attic (40mq. 5 floor, have been joined in e new one double level apartment

At the historic buildings archive of Turin, has been done a research, to find the old original drawing, where to identify the layout position of the  bearing masonry walls,  for a safe and conscious demolition of the entire  floor of the attic (of 40sqm),directly above the flat to be restored (01)
The historic original drawing sheet (02)
The apartment of 160m2 located at the 4 floor, and the attic of 40m2 at the 5 floor,
have been transformed into a single two-level apartment, by means of the demolition of the entire floor of the attic. Views from the bottom level (4^ floor) (03_a / 03_b)
Images of the construction works of the new vaulted ceilings between the 4 floor
and the upper 5^ level, with the main curved steel frame to support the new  load (04)
Cautious and careful demolition of the bearing wall of division between the entrance and the living-room. Views from the entrance.
The after state of the open living space. View from the new open-space living room (05)
Architect ‘s sketch of the new stair connecting the 4 with the 5 floor, drawn on a column  on the site works  (06).
The after works state of the new stair  leading to the upper 5^ floor  (07)
The masonry structure of the new stair to reach the upper level (5^floor) through the new  vaulted ceiling, in the rustic work in progress state (08)
The new stair finished walls. View from the new open space of the dining room (09)
5^ floor Plan (Attic) (10)
Planning Permit drawings –  4^ floor Plan (11) –  (Ex Attic) floor Plan, now Penthouse (12)

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  • Luigi MIRANDA

    Luigi MIRANDA  ARCHITECT, Turin - Italy Summary Architect with solid scientific background, run my own architectural practice for more than 40years. Since 2014, also as Registered Architect in the UK, at A.R.B. (Architects Registration Board). Strongly believe in the structures as means of space design, and at parametric modelling as means of endless opportunities to explore the architect's best ideas, that are not practically reachable otherwise, to find the optimal solution for the architectural issues. Focused on maximization of the Client’s assets value of which, generally, they are not even aware of. Lately (two years so far) the emphasis is on the BIM Process, following the UK Norms, their Guides and Standards, waiting that, meanwhile, the Italian UNI Rules on the BIM Process, can be finally issued and fully embedded by Architects, Builders and by all others actors involved. Prompt to challenge the BIM Management as BIM Consultant/Manager, for Projects deliveries of which, the three-dimensional Model and its information related, are only a small part of the entire BIM Process. Education Politecnico di Torino Facoltà di Architettura Architecture Degree, 5 years (1972 - 1977) Work Experience - Architect founder & Managing Director, January 1978 – Present, Turin - Italy. - Consultant BIM Process Level 2 - Architectural & Structural Design - Parametric Design - Architectural Quality Design Consultant. Languages: Italian Native - English > Professional Working - French > Limited Working

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