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Renovation – Loft in Turin


Renovation – Loft in Turin

An old building in a court yard in the city of Turin, formerly a house of 3 floors built in the 1900, of which Ground floor was transformed

Historical Archive researches.
It was carried out a search in the historical archive of Turin, to find 1900 House data that have actually allowed to be rebuilt, at least for part of the façade, the original outlines of the arched openings covered with panels in subsequent years.
A comprehensive survey of the site on the ground floor area of the old building was carried out before the starting works.
There were two rooms and a toilette on the ground floor, divided by a partition made of masonry, and two mezzanines of raw steel structure at 2.50m height.
All this was demolished.
With inspections and breaks in the internal side of the external walls, above the existing windows were actually found and still well preserved, the original solid brick masonry vaults of the old openings in the façade.
All were rebuilt as new windows for the mezzanine level.
Notably the old parquet flooring of 22mm thick of “Afromosia” laths, of (5-600 mm length x 90mm width), very well preserved, that was carefully removed, has been put it at new and has been reutilized as new floor covering of the all ground floor.
A construction of two new staircases of steel structure with solid wood tread of 5 cm thick allows access to the new platform of wood structures, one each at the opposite side of the open space living room of the ground floor.
The stair to the right side leads to the mezzanine level of the first bedroom
The stair to the left side leads to the mezzanine level of the second bedroom
The “after” state view of the new bathroom, with a new double space shower which can also be used as Turkish-bath, opposite to a “before” state of the toilet can really give the actual idea of the amount of works that have been done.
An open space kitchen is facing the new living space.
The old industrial style windows facing the north side of the courtyard have been completely demolished. A new fully glazed window allows the north light to freely flow into the living room.
Two entrance from the opposite site was realized. A main entrance from the courtyard facing the north, and a second entrance from the Est side.

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