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Residential complex and village in Gulin, China


Residential complex and village in Gulin, China

Guilin Residential Complex and Village is a fusion between nature and Architecture design. Nature is a part of the Complex.

Guilin is immersed in a rarefied atmosphere, fogs floating like clouds among the mountain tops and mists lighting up with pink and golden shades in the sunset light.
This convinced me right away that the first objective of the project should be that of recognising, respecting, and reconstructing the spirit and features of this amazing area.
I thought that this objective could be achieved by adopting a type of architecture that respects the features of the place, with a planning design capable of recreating the atmosphere that, throughout the whole environment of the region, combines the natural elements in such a magical way.
The local mountains are giants of stone lit by night and the natural vegetation is complemented by trees that line the streets and lawns in the common areas. All the courtyard buildings overlook the laws, similar to golf courses, where there are playgrounds for children and areas where the elderly can rest. The common areas, surrounded by the buildings, are always located on the side that faces the lakes, so that each apartment or house can enjoy a view of the water in which the mountains or the sunrays are mirrored.
Pedestrian walkways run along all the complex connecting the village to all the building. The water pathway connects through a river and a lake all the different areas and activities.
The nature and the pathways became part of the architecture, reaching the different built-up areas and architectural proposals.
The residential luxury offer is completed and enriched with reception hall, health centre, shopping arcades, restaurants and playgrounds for children and BBQs areas, to offer a new and comfortable lifestyle, in a built-up area pf 14.000 sqm.
The basements of the buildings house large parking areas, so that the presence of cars parked along the roads is reduced to a minimum.
The larger villas can range from 800 to 1,200 sqm; the project includes four of them, with a total area of 4,000 sqm.
Two of them overlook the lake and have a private pier as well as a swimming pool on the terrace by the lake; one is by a bend in the river and it also has a pier; the fourth one enjoys a view of the sunset and of the lake, which reflects the mountains.
Luxury proposal keep going on with No.17 one-family villas of 450 sqm each, for a total area of 7,650 sqm.
No. 23 townhouses of 400 sq. m. each, for a total area of 9,200 sqm enrich the offer.
Going on with apartments, No. 63 duplex river view apartments of 240 sqm each, for a total area of 15,120 sqm.
These duplex apartments have verandas that overlook the river. Each apartment is on two floors with an internal staircase and can be accessed by means of a secondary road at the back of each building.
Finally, No. 600 or 700 garden house apartments of 140 sq. m. each on average, for a total area of 98,000 sqm.

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