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Residential wooden villa located on a hill near Turin, in an enviable panoramic position, with a view which embraces the valley and the Alps


Residential wooden villa located on a hill near Turin, in an enviable panoramic position, with a view which embraces the valley and the Alps

The project is inserted in a semiurbanized context constituted by isolated villas, surrounded by green, with a stunning view

Due to the conformation of the site and the strong slope of the land, the access to the building is through a panoramic terrace with pedestrian and car access.The building was structured on two levels, in a way to integrate itself in the natural profile of the hill; the upper floor consists of a large fully vetrated surface oriented to south, with an open kitchen and wooden fireplace; with the windows completely open, the interior spaces are fused with the panoramic terrace, which looks on the swimming pool underlying.
Through a suggestive internal scale, with a glass wall on the wine cellar, there is the access to the lower floor, where the bedrooms, the garage and the spa are located.
Externally the building presents a flat roof, with cor-ten, satin steel and white finishes; with a game of contrasts these materials reappear in all the elements that constitute the building, such as the outdoor pillars, the obscuring elements, the decorative vases.
The entire residential building was built with a prefabricated load bearing structure made of wood and steel.
The large front and lateral windows are equipped with shading systems, consisting of sliding panels with slats, with automatic operation controlled by a domotic system, in accordance with the sunshine and the internal temperature.
To allow cars to go from the upper floor to the lower floor where the garage is located, near the driveway gatethere is avehicle-car compartment completely retractable; there is also a pedestrian stairway, which follows the natural course of the sloping terrain, and allows access from the outside to the lower floor.
To complete the villa, at the garden floor in front of the bedrooms, a swimming pool has been created, with dimensions equal to 4 x 10 m, with a flat edge to the valley.
The residential villa has been realized using techniques, materials, finishes, external arrangements, construction details and high quality technologies with the aim of integrating it in the surrounding landscape context and satisfying the current legislation on Energy Saving and Environmental Protection

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Credits by Nemarc Studio, Marco Popescu

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  • Nemarc Studio

    Nicola Veneri graduated in 2000 at the Istituto Tecnico Carlo d'Arco in Mantova. In 2006 he graduated in Architecture at the Polytechnic of Turin with a specialization in Restoration and Valorisation of Architectural Heritage. During the last years of university he began his professional practice in architectural studios, with which he began to collaborate, with other Turin architects, in building restoration projects, mainly in residential and museum areas. He participated in numerous national and international competitions, collaborating with other professionals. In 2011 he founded ASTARSTUDIO with other colleagues, dealing with the design of tourist and accommodation facilities, homes, shop fittings and stores. The experiences matured in the design and in the yard have led to a growing number of customers during the years, so as to make a reorganization of the study necessary. In 2017, with Arch. Massimiliano Clara, he founded NEMARC STUDIO, developing numerous projects, especially in residential, commercial and sanitary sectors.

  • Nicola Veneri

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