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Restaurant Café Le Jardin Fleuri


Restaurant Café Le Jardin Fleuri

Building renovation and change of use

In Romano Canavese, a client very attentive to the diffusion of culture in its thousand shades, deus ex machina of the Therein Foundation Arte Nova (FAN), commissioned the study of architect Davide Fornero to recover an architectural good of Beginning ‘ 900 originally destined for residence, now in disuse for many years and in a poor state of preservation, to derive a space of food and wine culture on the theme of the style “Liberty”: a challenge collected with some reverential fear both in Respect of the expert and passionate client both in respect of a historical period so delicate in a territory rich of examples but still to be rediscovered. The main stimulus for the study provided in the project of restructuring was to coordinate the stylistic ideas of the client with the specific design requirements of the dining area that has been derived from the awareness of having to unravel in the dense and complex web national legislation, all in the deepest synergy with the work carried out by Artisan Excellencies of the highest quality human profile and that have interpreted with particular capacity the Same realization.
The result of this was the opening of a new cafeteria-restaurant called “Le Jardin fleurì-Gusti Liberty”: a particular and unique home restaurant of great charm and multifunctional salon called “Bacchus Salon” destined for meetings and Events. To embellish the entire exhibition space that houses a permanent private collection of furnishings and complements of the early twentieth century.
A great professional satisfaction, therefore, for the architect Davide Fornero who dealt with the architectural Recovery Project assisted by a team of professionals who, in addition to their technical skills, were, together with all the workers, infected From the great passion for the Liberty period of enlightened clients.  “Le Jardin Fleuri has become a charming Liberty villa of the first ‘ 900 that overlooks the Piazza del Borgo Antico di Romano C.se. Recently renovated it has been converted into a cafeteria restaurant with original Art Nouveau furnishings and”.

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  • Davide Fornero

    Graduated from the Politecnico di Torino – Faculty of Architecture in the winter session of the academic year 1993/1994, after a few years spent in some local technical studies, the architect Davide Fornero founded, in the year 1997, the study of Architecture "DF + A" DAVIDE Fornero architect, taking care, from the first jokes, of various design disciplines also using the collaboration of specialized Partners and great experience.

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