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Restoration and conservative restoration of the facade, bell tower and wooden portal Church of San Gaudenzio in Agliè (TO)


Restoration and conservative restoration of the facade, bell tower and wooden portal Church of San Gaudenzio in Agliè (TO)

The restoration and conservative restoration project stems from the need of the Aldian community to enhance the Church of San Gaudenzio, also on the occasion of the celebrations for the centenary of the death of the poet Guido Gozzano. In fact, inside, in the first left-side chapel, the remains of the Poet are buried.
Inside the prepared documents, there are all the indications regarding the deterioration and instability of the main facade of the church, the bell tower, and the consequent restoration and conservative restoration interventions, to be implemented, giving design and intervention indications. punctual.
To this end, the main elevation of the church was geometrically detected, using traditional methodologies and through the use of modern technologies by means of laser scanners, returning it with computerized drawing techniques.
The project takes into consideration all aspects of the deterioration present on the facade of the Church and on the bell tower, giving design and intervention indications through clearly identifiable and interpretable symbols on the graphic design. The intervention is aimed at preventing building obsolescence, a consequence of those factors linked to the natural ageing process and pathological phenomena that have determined, at different times and to varying degrees, the progressive lowering of the performance levels of materials and components architectural, with which it was made.
On the basis of these investigations, it is, therefore, possible to plan the preventive interventions, necessary to counter or at least limit their effects on the reliability of the components themselves and, consequently, of the entire building.
The interventions will relate to the remaking of the plaster on the facade and the bell tower, the restoration of the stucco elements present, through the reconstruction and reintegration of the missing parts.
In order for the project to become an active part of this process, it is necessary to analyze the problem of maintenance in all its aspects, in operational terms the application of this principle involves the analysis of the causes and dynamics of obsolescence and pathological degradation of the systems, the introduction of the technical specifications relating to the durability requirements in the procurement tools and the choice of technical solutions and methods of choosing materials.

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  • Gustavo Martino Gamerro

    Laurea Specialistica in Architettura - Restauro e risanamento conservativo di beni vincolati dalla Soprintendenza - Chiesa di San Gaudenzio in Agliè (TO) - Restauro e risanamento conservativo della facciata del campanile e del portale ligneo

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