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Luxury Villa

The house designed for a physicist of Cern of Geneva, takes on a role symbolic that incorporates the idea of a molecule, at the center of the house there is the fulcrum (thestair) from which there are four different volumes.

The Golden Section is at the base of the architectural composition of the main facade.
Each module – volume – respects the proportions of the
Golden Section, where the relationship between empty and full creates a volume game in the volume.

The whole project has been realized with the precise intention to evoke lightness placing on the ground floor the greater glazed surfaces and at first floor the opaque materials such as wood.

Project Gallery

Project Location Address

Key Partners/Associates

Fabrizio Fragomeli [Fragomeli & Partners]

  • Primary Architect [nome studio]
  • tiwutwtup
  • opurqruq



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