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Rinascente di Torino | piano -1, Design Supermarket


Rinascente di Torino | piano -1, Design Supermarket

One thousand square meters dedicated to design in all its forms, including the gourmet.

The store in via Lagrange in Turin inaugurates its new floor -1 where, for the first time, home collections, textiles, travel & office, Design Supermarket and Food Market share the same space.
Designed by Fabio Fantolino, the choice was to create a container with a strong personality given by the reinterpretation of the ’60s that, with their bright colors and refined language. In Italy the ‘60s brought the economic boom and, in that same period, the concept of shopping center arrived from America, where the shopping experience took a primary role in the daily life of many.
The reinterpretation of that particular historical moment required a work of actualization through a contemporary language. The most evident example is the copresence of the floor with a retro taste and the use of some materials such as colored glass, micro-perforated metal sheet and technical spotlights in the false ceiling.
The rigorous volumes of the furnishings is attenuated by the presence of “Canaletto” walnut wood, by warm tones and by the use of laminate and colored glass in paste. Only in the area dedicated to travel, the furnishings have been designed with more technical materials such as micro-perforated metal sheet and the colors are colder, contextualized to the type of products on display.
The result is a balanced environment, the space enhances the products and contributes to create a pleasant feeling, making unique the shopping experience of customers.
A parenthesis should be opened for the Food Market, a boutique of Piedmont’s excellences. The architect choose to use more vivid colors, varnished woods, lacquered surfaces and precious materials in order to bring out the area and attract the customer’s attention.

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