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Rivalta Villa


Rivalta Villa

Semi-detached residential building

The building is divided into two opposed and staggered volumes that interpenetrate at the level of the cover layers, generating a unitary image of the overall volumetry, free from any linguistic-formal exhibitionism and at the same time diversified in the distribution and space aspects inside the building. The planning plot wanted to avoid the explicit unveiling typical of the semi-detached type, escaping the usual specularity of the fronts and the internal distribution aspects
The building consists of two distinct units: the first one for a young couple with a daughter is on two levels; the second one meant for an elderly person, is diversified for a more intimate and traditional interior space. In particular, the first unit is characterized by an entrance outlined spatially by the “strong” presence of the staircase, the true compositional fulcrum around which the functional organization of the spaces rotates, which thanks to its “structural lightness”, allows visual transparencies between interior and exterior, enlarged by the large glazed windows that naturally illuminate the entrance area, the living room and dining room. Upstairs are located the sleeping area, the loggias and the services. The spaces are disengaged by a walkway – balcony overlooking the dining and living rooms below. Upon customer’s request, the spaces destined for lunch have been extended outwards, inserting the porch to protect the area destined to the “grilling” which denotes the building spatially, emphasizing its “open” character towards the garden.

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  • Artom and zanotti associate architects

    Carlo Italo Zanotti was born in Cavarzere (Venice) on 25 June 1955. He graduated with honors from the Turin Polytechnic on July 17 1980 and completed his professional training at prestigious Turin studios. In 1981 in Paris, he completed his professional training at the Arch. J. P. Buffi architectural firm, collaborating in particular on the executive project of the Institute of French Culture in Lisbon. He opened his own studio in 1984 and in 1992 he founded the firm artom & zanotti associate architects with Anita Artom. Advisor of the Professional Association of Architects of the Province of Turin (1994/96) and delegated architect for the Public Authorities. Co-creator since 2005 with Merkurio Progetti Musicali of the event "Music and spaces, meetings between architecture and music" of which he is scientific manager of the architecture sector. Creator and organizer of the design workshops for the spaces dedicated to music "the sound and the space", in collaboration with the Foundation for Architects and the Polytechnic of Turin. Anita Artom was born in Asti on July 4, 1958. She graduated from the Polytechnic of Turin in 1984, supervisor Aimaro Isola. She completed her professional training at private studios in Turin, dealing mainly with Restoration and conservative rehabilitation of important historical buildings including the “Baronino Complex “ and “Le Vallere farmhouse” From 1984 to 1991 she collaborated with the arch. Carlo Italo Zanotti, dealing mainly with residential construction and public works. In 1992 she founded the firm artom & zanotti associate architects with Carlo Italo Zanotti. Carlo Italo Zanotti and Anita Artom  partacipated - by invitation - at the International Architecture Exhibition in Paris, Grande Halle de la Villette. Space Young Architects of the European Community (1990).

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