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Scuola Sant’Alessandro a Caronno Petrusella (VA)


Scuola Sant’Alessandro a Caronno Petrusella (VA)

Sant’Alessandro school is the very first three floor Lombardy’s school made of X-Lam.

Considering that school not only raises awareness, but also build capacity, even outside the educational field, Caronno Pertusella’s building architecture is focused on bringing the attention of students, teachers and citizens on the matter of combining the academic root to an architectural asset, on top of its educational quality, as a part of an education scheme.

The shapes of the building have a strong character, given by their colour and inner areas. The architecture of the inner part is developed to boost social skills and to encourage students’ creativity. The school is perhaps the most effective environment to develop personal growth and therefore we do apply all our competence to give students a proper experience. To define the organic-oriented façade, we designed a curvy, protruding canopy on each floor.

The wooden, rounded canopies resemble the back of a dragon protecting its treasure. Each canopy has got its own shape, in order to spice up the intrados and extrados. Classrooms have a view or lead right into the backyard to take advantage of sun exposure. The size and the shape of each canopy has been designed after comprehensive investigation, particularly on the façade’s shading.

The project is all about sustainability: all materials of the building’s layer fulfil environmental and energetic requirements. A full X-Lam structure with canopies to improve inner well-being is matched to top notch systems and renewable sources, which make this school a NZEB building and a true pride for Caronno Pertusella. Among its features, a unique treatment for the outer layer, made of sustainable and highly insulating materials, which give strong thermal performance that ensure low energy consumption.Sant’Alessandro school definitely stands out when it comes to living comfort.

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  • Settanta7 studio associato

    Settanta7 studio associato was born in 2009 in a small room for rent, today it has a total of 4 offices, Turin, Milan, Lyon and Acireale, in which one is employed forty professionals. We design schools, gyms, public buildings in Italy and in France.

    We make projects by imposing that not only do they serve, but become indispensable and precious.

    We are attentive to what happens outside our scenario and we know how to listen. And at the end of this path, marked by poetry, technological research, choice of natural materials and too many coffee it satisfies us to have opened a breach of wonder and beauty.

    We have been using BIM design tools since 2014, which allows us to think big produce integrated and ambitious projects, with high efficiency in terms of time and quality design.

    We tackle every project with the aim of minimizing its economic impact and environmental. For this we design in X-LAM wood: sustainable, renewable, antimicrobial.

  • Daniele Rangone
  • Elena Rionda

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