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Refurbishment of a small attic for a couple with a dog.

The project focused on a few things: the bathroom studio which was very bad, the study of a new kitchen that it was a piece of furniture for both the entrance and the living room and inserting a new Velux window. The kitchen bench is a tribute to the eighties, it’s a game of many tiles 10×10 forming cubes and ladders. The bench lighting is done with two Ikea black arm lamps. The bench creates a nice perspective when you enter, and the lighting is done with a Leroy Merlin cheaper lamp. The rounded volume is the walk-in closet that was not there before. The door to the pink bathroom is a tribute to Snow White and the seven dwarfs.

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  • Francesca Grilli
  • Doparchitetti

    We are an association of architects that thinks globally and acts locally, designing using the head and the heart,  spaces and object for women, children, men and quadrupeds, to improve their quality of life and reduce their impact on our mother earth. "Building, means working with earth, with awareness and responsability..." Marguerite Yourcenar, Memorie di Adriano, Einaudi, 1981, pp. 120-121, 276.

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