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The redevelopment of the former disused factory into a sports complex: the transformation of the territory thanks to the reconversion of the areas


Over 6.000 m² of GFA dedicated to sport with gyms, medical and beauty offices, multifunctional and recreational spaces, sales activities, bars and a restaurant. It is an ambitious one that has been completed in an area on the outskirts of the city of Biella and which will have a catchment area extended to the whole territory.
The operation was made possible thanks to an agreement between the private individual, the Semperlux company and the multi-sports associations with ADP Pietro Micca as leader.
The theme of the conversion of industrial buildings, as a necessary phase for the transformation of the territory, sees here a new example of concretization. There is more and more talk of the need to reconvert disused production areas and we are constantly looking for models to imitate in order to tackle an issue particularly present in Piedmont and in all cities with an ex-industrial value. It is therefore important to remember, as in the case of this intervention, that in the concept of reuse of buildings lies the principle of containing the consumption of the territory as well as the recovery of those often degraded urban places which in this way are returned to the life of the community.
The redevelopment of the former disused factory has extended to a whole vast surrounding area of approximately 11.500 square meters. An area of 700 m² has been annexed to the original building, made of wood and glass to increase the interpenetration in the internal and external environment, intended for post sports activities, with areas for catering and for moments of aggregation.
The entire building is powered by a system of photovoltaic panels above the roof which, in addition to meeting the energy needs of the entire sports complex, transfer excess energy to the public network. The particular type of external cladding of the perforated sheet metal building, in addition to updating its appearance, will allow a significant reduction in the energy required to cool the internal rooms.

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Credits: Marco Carlotti

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  • Marco Carlotti
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    We are an architectural firm in Turin founded in 1998 by Arch. Marco Carlotti. We operate by designing interventions in both the public and private sectors, integrating functionality, beauty, reliability and sustainability. Our "mission" intends to combine tradition and innovation by combining design professionalism with an innovative and technological approach. Our areas of intervention extend from restructuring, redevelopment, restoration up to the replacement of existing volumes with new building elements.

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