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Strings ‘n’ stripes | investing in small spaces


Strings ‘n’ stripes | investing in small spaces

Enhancement of urban architectural heritage in up and coming neighbourhoods, giving a new idea of living

In a real estate scenario like that of Turin, characterized by advantageous market prices, Strings ‘n’ Stripes presents itself as an excellent example of fruitful investment.
As in other cases faced by Rr\V Architetti, the project aims to requalify the space with an attentive eye on the economic aspect: the interventions are designed to characterise the spaces and make them attractive for a first phase short-term profit (rent, Airbnb, temporary use…), without losing sight of the ultimate goal of maximising sale profits, at a time of growth in the real estate market.
The ambience is an open space with unexpected edge, accentuated by geometrical furnishings and decorative accessories. Circles, stripes, and bright colours are the protagonist of this young and dynamic environment.
The choice of furniture was based on a careful study of the products, and on the selection of essential elements for the characterisation of the apartment, both from a design and budgetary point of view.
There are two protagonists of the space: the contemporary, transmitted by the concrete effect that characterises the floors and the kitchen, merging the two into a single element. This makes reference to the industrial style. While the second protagonist is the modernism. Inspiration from the ‘50s can be found in the selection of the wall colours, typical from the period, the acid green sofa standing on wooden legs and the geometrical pattern on the fabrics.
In addition, the project is characterised by the presence of custom furnishings, designed ad hoc to enhance the space.
The table is designed following simple lines and reinterpreting ‘50s geometrical shapes. The base is a rectangular frame made of varnished iron which contrasts the contemporary top in solid fir wood, torch burnt and subsequently treated with a vitrification agent to increase the resistance.
The Strings ‘n’ Stripes intervention is, therefore, valid both for small investments, as well as if it is replicated on several apartments, in the face of a larger operation.

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  • Rr/V Architetti

    RrV Architetti deals with the enhancement of the widespread heritage, dealing with different sizes, ranging from the design of small apartments in the urban pattern to the restorations of prestigious residential buildings, such as the beautiful and characteristic villas of the Turin hillside. The projects of the studio are distinguished by the attention to Italian design, antique, modern, and contemporary, which is used and reinterpreted in relation to both the identity of the building at hand and the constantly changing needs of the concept of living.

  • Emanuele Re Rebaudengo
  • Alice Vergano

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