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T6 – Stilnovo City, Taichung Taiwan Stilnovo City


T6 – Stilnovo City, Taichung Taiwan Stilnovo City

Masterplan and Preliminary Architectural Design of one of the largest urban development in Taiwan.

A private development by a Taiwanese corporation for a mix-use facilities project.
laa has been appointed as designer for the development of the new Masterplan and Preliminary Design.
The masterplan is located on an area next to the new center and it defines a landmark for Taichung. StilNovoCity is inspired by concepts referring to Taiwanese and Chinese traditional architecture, but also the project recalls the configuration of Italian Medieval cities; cities such as San Gimignano and Assisi.
The concept evokes hilly landscapes giving a strong emphasis to public spaces, green areas and park.
Public spaces have been adjusted on several floors of the new development.
The site covers an area of 8 hectares with a floor area ratio of 500%.
The program contains:
– Bus Terminal Station (15,000 sqm)
– Commercial Centre, with cinema complex and fine dining (130,000 sqm)
– 5 stars Hotel and Serviced Apartments
– 4 stars Hotel and Parity Apartments
– Offices, Business Center
– Housing
– Parking
– Parks, plazas and gardens.
Open cuts allow light and green at -13 meters, where bus station and waiting area find place.
The bus station with its 80 stands is easily accessible from ground floor. It has been designed to be a landmark for the city. The glass façade brings light to basement while defining an outstanding and impressive entrance.
A continuous external path invites people to walk from basement to rooftops.
Paths cross rice fields, terraces with relax spots, coffee places and restaurants. Water canals and waterfalls are present to mitigate warm days.
At each floor, from outdoor paths people can enter shops, a commercial center, office buildings. Rooftops host three plazas, a garden, fountains, covered and open areas, restaurants.
At ground floor design characterizes entrances to hotels and office buildings, guarantying accesses and control. The main tower, 300 meters high, has a podium as part of the garden and place for gathering.

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