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Temporary Exhibit “Experimenta” Sport Expo Turin – June/October 1991


Temporary Exhibit “Experimenta” Sport Expo Turin – June/October 1991

A Sport facility football training court has been realized to allow the visitors of the Expo to use it, trying unusual ways of playing football

The steel elements, with bolted joints type for an easy mounting on site, were all made off site at the workshop, painting included, in order to be mounted on the spot.
Several ways of using the field have been illustrated on boards attached to the outer side of the field confinement frames, as suggestion. The main feature is the limited space that forces the players to improve their basic individual skills.
Of course only at a limited numbers of players are allowed to play at same time. A number of players not exceeding 4 for the two teams it’s recommended.
The side transparent walls, that are made of Paraglass panels, allow the ball to bounce against, thus to pass an opponent. All the panels of the transparent walls are mounted on two guides, one above and one at the bottom to allow the walls to slide sideways, due to the expansion force caused by the increase in temperature under the sun light. That is also why the walls are fixed only on one of the two vertical sides. A maximum of 7 cm, in the horizontal expansion of the walls, have been measured on site.
A nylon net (10×10 cm) fastened to the top of the steel frames prevent the ball to exit the playing field.
(01) Bounded by Paraglass walls, the ball can bounce against, thus speeding up the game.
(02) The reduced size of the doors is proportional to the small size of the play field.
(03) Side view – The spectators can have a full view of the players from outside the cage.
(04) Pictures from the archive of the original Design drawings – Plan& Side views of the
“Football Cage” – Dimension m (10x20x3h) –  Footprint Area(25×15)m.
05) Football Cage Design Drawing – Axonometric view.
(06) Steel Frame Corner – Detail of the Bolted Joint.
(07) Construction Drawings – Steel frame assembly.
(08) Football Cage – Panoramic View.
(09) Construction Drawings – Head Beams.

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