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The project for the St. Mary’s Parish New Nursery School at Savigliano, Cuneo, Italy


The project for the St. Mary’s Parish New Nursery School at Savigliano, Cuneo, Italy

A New Nursery School inspired by nature and the fabulous world of fairy tales

The St. Mary’s Parish New Nursery School at Savigliano was specifically conceived to replace the former, no longer viable structure. The building consists in one unique floor with rooms that are functional and complementary to the school and social activity, while considering the specific needs of kids and the rules of sustainability. The idea of “Kindergarten”, in referring to the facility where children under six years of age get cared for was the source of inspiration.
The building features a close relationship with the natural landscape surrounding it and creates an harmonious “dialogue” between the internal and external spaces through the gauge transparency, enhanced by large windows. The trees painted on the external walls highlight the theme of the woods, recalled in the interiors and enhanced by the roof shape and metal columns. The interior decorating is in line with the different uses of the space, bringing the little guests in the fabulous world of fairy tales. This is how the “BOSCO DELL’INFANZIA” was born.
The volume of the single floor above ground has a total catchment area of 863 sqm. The roof, with a catchment area of 1268 sqm, is made of a curved concrete slab with a curvilinear structure above which there is an energy production plant with photovoltaic panels. In the portico, a metallic structures of arborescent shape visually recalls the concept of forest of childhood. It is almost an invitation to enter an enchanted place with clean energy. The volume is crossed longitudinally by corridors with central area for atrium / reception use. The main services of the kindergarten are: spaces for organized, free and practical activities, kitchen, canteen, dormitory, deposits and services. On the northern side a multi-purpose room has been designed for mixed use, both from the parish or from the kindergarten with the possibility of becoming a hall for events. The area to the south hosts the teaching, the space for free activities and the toilets for the students; the central part is dedicated to the entrance, the refectory hall, the dormitory room and the kitchen.
The decorative choice focuses on the neutral tones for the background, on which the trees were tinted with firm colors, in order to obtain the effect of a wood. The realization of a plinth from the ground in dark green, with grass effect, recalls the shapes of the forest. The external frames in matching colors with the the plinth in green guarantees aesthetic and color continuity. Lastly, the metal support pillars to the overhangs of the roof are in prepainted steel in coloration deliberately different from the background color and the trees, in order to create a chromatic separation from the rest of the structure.

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  • Officina Progetti

    “Officina Progetti” Associates was established in Turin in 2010 by the architect Alberto Milanesio along with engineer Gian Paolo Passera, after a long experience of working together as partners in another architects’ studio. Its vocation, due to the many different skills of the partners, is wide-ranging covering all services connected with architecture and engineering. The Studio carries out restorations, refurbishments and new builds of homes, healthcare facilities and schools as well as the recovery of historic buildings and monuments, including structural engineering services. The Studio’s work has always paid special attention to the quality of the design along with the containment of costs as well as to the appearance of the building, which is in harmony with the built, urban and environmental context. Whilst maintaining

  • Alberto Milanesio
  • Manuela Roatta

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