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Ticollage City – Pavilion of Costa Rica


Pavilion of Costa Rica – 14th Exhibition International of Architecture “Fundamentals” – La Biennale di Venezia 2014 7.06 – 23.11

The theme of the Pavilion of Costa Rica in the 14th Exhibition International of Architecture was the Vicious Circle of Social Segregation

The theme of the Pavilion of Costa Rica in the 14th Exhibition International of Architecture was the Vicious Circle of Social Segregation and Spatial Fragmentation in Costa Rica’s Greater Metropolitan Area.  The theme has been studied by the curators of the Pavilion.

Urszula Grodzicka represented the manager for the Ticollage City realization on the Italian territory. She acted as a liaison between Costa Rica’s designers and the Biennale Technical Office in order to guarantee the feasibility of the project for the Biennale rules and Italian legislation. In addition to this, the manager had to ensure the proper realization of the pavilion up to the Ticollage City staging made by the Biennale employees.

Finally Urszula Grodzicka assigned the artisans to carry out the more peculiar items of the pavilion. She directed the works up to the validation of the pavilion final layout by the jury under the direction of the President Rem Koolhas.


Commissioner & Head Curator: Oliver Schütte/A-01

Deputy Commissioner and Curator: Marije van Lidth de Jeude/A-01

Deputy Curators: Florencia Quesada Avendaño, Ofelia Sanou Alfaro, Javier Salinas

Creative Collaborators: Alvaro Rojas, Klaus Steinmetz, Carlos Araya Polonio, Lou

Guthrie, Mauricio Herrera Palma, Urszula Grodzicka

Concept and Design: A-01 with Comunicación Global

Model: Marco Galofaro/Modelab

Photography: Simón Bolívar/Simon Photo Video, David Meléndez and Mario

Ramírez/Plex Studio, Oliver Schütte/A-01

Photographic Archives: Álvaro Castro Harrigan, Costa Rica National Museum,

Junta de Andalucía/Engineers and Architects Association of Costa Rica, UNHABITAT/Costa Rica Architects Association/A Foundation, Costa Rican Social

Security Institute, University of Costa Rica-Architecture School, National Bank of

Costa Rica, Nora Góngora Arroyo, Tomás Dueñas

Air Photography (Urban Carpet): Municipality of San José

Sound Installation: Daniel Perlin

Soundscapes: Sergio Wiesengrund, Postformal Design, Green Noise

Video Production: Roberto van der Laat

IOS App Development: Mariana López and Carlos Aguilar/Güink

Translations: Linda de Donder

Technical Assistance: Gaia Caporale and Cristian Visintin

Sponsors: Ministry of Culture and Youth, Embassy of Costa Rica in Italy,

Euromobilia, Edica, Plycem, Desarrollos Mega, Excetel, Grupo Baharet, Inventa,

Grupo Interamericano, CPCA, Manig Unternehmensberatung

Pavilion commissioned by the Costa Rica Ministry of Culture and Youth


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  • UG Architettura

    Urszula Grodzicka graduated in 2008 at the Polytechnic of Turin (Italy) and at the Universidad de Belgrano of Buonos Aires (Argentina). She completed the Interior Design Master at the IED institute in Turin. She has worked in collaboration with different firms specialized in urban planning, architecture and interior design. Urszula Grodzicka started her own studio in 2012 and lives and works between Turin and Warsaw. Currently she is realising projects for private client, moreover she is a technical consultant and is participating to architectural competitions. In addition to the professional activity, she carries out photography projects.

  • Oliver Schütte
  • Mauricio Herrera Palma

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