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Toma e Tomaia

Toma is a cheese. Tomaia is a part of a shoe. TOMA E TOMAIA is a place in which you can buy shoes and eat cheese… and much more…

Toma e Tomaia is a new concept bar&restaurant, it’s a place in which a shoe shop and a bar live together. The idea started as the owner realized that the shop was too big to sell only shoes, and wanted a place to offer good food&wine, so the name came naturally. Toma is a cheese produced in Piedmont and Tomaia is the part of the shoe called “upper”; the joke is that the pronunciation is very similar.
The entrance is in common but the two souls are separated.

All the food is local and very genuine: cheese, ham, beer, wine at the top level.
All the furniture are designed especially for TomaeTomaia, as the new brand, with wood and iron: there’s a big table suitable for 12 people, equipped with usb chargers for your phones and tablets (one for each seat).
The counter is designed to show all the food and the beer that are served in the bar and it’s made by wood and iron too.

All is accessible, green and smart, there are a changing table, high chairs for kids, wifi free, traditional tables and the “community table” or “the big table” to have a party or a meeting.
Here you can eat, drink, talk, work and of course…buy your shoes.


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Credits by Stefano Oglietti

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  • Stefano Oglietti Architetto

    I started, as anyone did, cooperating with some architects, taking part to the design process of shops, interiors, head offices. After more than twenty years of ideas, projects, site managing, in which we moved from the rule to the workstation, from Pantone to render, from telephone box to smartphone, my passion is like the beginning, and I still love the pencil.

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