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Topcon Agriculture headquarter with “treasure chamber”


Topcon Agriculture headquarter with “treasure chamber”

The headquarter of an international Company and one of the most iconic buildings, symbol of progress and innovation : “Lingotto” since 1916

Topcon Agriculture global headquarter office is located in the “Lingotto” complex, one of the most iconic buildings in the world, symbol of progress, audacity and innovation drive since it was projected in 1916 as the biggest car factory in the world for FIAT. Topcon Agriculture headquarter office is also unique because it has been carefully redesigned by Base Architettura (architect Luca Trabucco) in close cooperation with TA Management to achieve a space that not only fosters seamless collaboration and visibility, but also offers the visitor the possibility to experience our products, our vision and our creative process.
The first consideration was to work in the iconic Lingotto building, respecting its structure. Since TA is dedicated to Agriculture, the idea was to develop a nature-centric concept. At the end, I came up with the idea of a wood, where the light plays an important role. The fact that the building has big windows offered a great opportunity to play with the concept of light. Glass decals are used throughout the different translucent offices to create changing shades. Transparency is a very important characteristic at Topcon Agriculture office. It was designed to ensure good visibility of all internal spaces, and to create collision spaces that facilitate getting in touch with all the colleagues. The concept behind is a seamless space that promotes interaction, in line with the most recent software development methodologies (such as Scrum and Agile). It is not possible to walk through the office without seeing and being seen, which fosters informal exchange to promote communication at a different level.
There are other elements conceived to play around with light, for example on the floor, using a squared carpet with slight texture differences, so light reflects differently, creating chromatic effects.
The show room (Treasure chamber) deserves a special mention, as a new concept built ad hoc for Topcon Agriculture headquarter office. From outside, the walls of this special chamber play with perspective, using long straight lines and playing with geometrical chromatic effects. The inside is very smooth, it was inspired by the idea of a place where embryonic ideas develop, to show how we conceptualize our products and our vision of the future. 3D 180-Degree video and interactive infographics combine in a unique experience, that allows the visitor to envision our solutions in a connected and integrated way. Conceived also as a powerful sales tool, Topcon Agriculture showroom at the Lingotto is a sort of a treasure chamber, that keeps our most precious things

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Luca Trabucco [Base Architettura]



  • Luca Trabucco

    BASE ARCHITETTURA a 2003 founded architect firm Company as a meeting place and a starting point (a base) where to verify and satisfy customer needs by creating a meeting point / comparison between professional, partners and client same. The guiding idea is to put in a single structure the energies, creativity and skills that individuals have developed in previous professional experiences in architectural firms, engineering companies and construction companies. The aim is to offer the client a package of services with high added value and high quality standards in the complete management of the project, from the feasibility study and the general project, up to the realization and communication of the project itself.

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