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Cultural tram. Traveling coffee.  A meeting between a historical and a modern object. A multifunctional environment with a thousand colors.

The project of the “Tram of culture” integrates with the “Turin historic tramway” (line 7) already operational since 2011. The historic tram 2593, already in service on the Turin network from 1933 to 1982 was acquired by the “Associazione Torinese Tram Storici”.
The project involves the complete functional recovery of the tram, with the aim of obtaining a tramway used for special cultural services: for this purpose, unlike the other historic trams, which are intended to resume the line service while fully retaining their original aspect, it will be equipped with a particular internal layout including a bar – library area and a multifunctional room with 24 seats.
The external colours is an elegant two-tone blue and cream livery, to differentiate it from the other trams of the same type, green and intended for the historical line.
The windows and the driver’s seat will be completely similar to those of the trams of line 7, while the interior will be completely renovated, with the creation of a compartment-bar / library, a toilet, and a multimedia room for drinks, reading , projections and conferences furnished largely with original elements of the same tramway.
Passenger entry and exit will normally take place from the front door. The bar / library compartment will be located in the front of the tram. The bar will be located on the left side (in the direction of travel of the tram), and will be equipped with a sink, cash register, coffee machine, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher and microwave oven, with a large counter for customer service.
The part intended for operators will be connected directly to the driver’s cabin, in order to create a single “service area”. On the right side, in front of the bar counter, shelves will be placed for the display of books, which can only be consulted on board.
The toilet, of chimical type and similar in size to railways, will contain a sink and a toilet and will be located in the middle of the tram.
The multimedia room will have a capacity of 24 seats, each equipped with a removable historical seat integrated by a support for the audio connection with a headset and a mobile service arm for use as a support for food and drinks or for reading.
The 180×100 LCD fixed screen, located approximately in the middle of the tramway, will be connected to a personal computer that can be controlled from the specific service station, which will also be managed by a high-quality audio-video system connected to an internal diffusion system .
The windows will be equipped with “historical” style curtains for an optimal darkening of the room; safety will be guaranteed by the rear emergency exit and the internal security door communicating with the compartment-bar.
The vehicle will be fully air conditioned.
The construction site is currently underway.

Project Gallery

Credits: Urszula Grodzicka

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Suppliers & Materials

custom-made counter with integrated sink
compact version bar appliances (cash register, coffee maker, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher and microwave)
partitions and doors custom made
shelves on design
lounge seats on design
removable historical seats integrated by a support for audio connection with earphone and a mobile service arm to be used as a table
custom-made tables to replace the historic seats
original wooden floor
LED lighting system
audio-video system with internal diffusion
air conditioning system
chemical bath with wc and sink
as line 7


Urszula Grodzicka graduated in 2008 at the Polytechnic of Turin (Italy) and at the Universidad de Belgrano of Buonos Aires (Argentina). She completed the Interior Design Master at the IED institute in Turin. She has worked in collaboration with different firms specialized in urban planning, architecture and interior design. Urszula Grodzicka started her own studio in 2012 and lives and works between Turin and Warsaw. Currently she is realising projects for private client, moreover she is a technical consultant and is participating to architectural competitions. In addition to the professional activity, she carries out photography projects.
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