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Turin Cookin’ Factory


Turin Cookin’ Factory

The project refers to the change of use destination from internal courtyard typography to a laboratory for amateur cooking classes

The ambition, compared to the Laboratory for amateur cooking classes, is to create a space for life, without architectural barriers so accessible to all, similar to a house that is at our side along the evolution that the body and mind go meeting over the years, since the preparation and consumption of the meal plays a role of fundamental enrichment of the quality of life intervening both on the emotional level and the relational one.

“Eating is a pleasure but it is also a social act.”

Here you can find the official YouTube channel of Cookin’ Factory.

Technical features:
we have tried to create a relationship between the exterior and interior of the “nuanced” building, the interior space will therefore be a “continuum” of the exterior, making use of mobile furniture in this sense

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Credits by Fabio Oggero

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Suppliers & Materials

The building is equipped with:
– ventilated pre-insulated cavity where the vapor suction system is installed and the work surfaces are ventilated (made up of n ° 2 NEFF induction construction type T54T95N2) with two hoods (NEFF, I99L59N0 Air Deluxe model) 300) having a variable extraction and expulsion capacity from 450 to 710 mc / h, integrated and retractable in the cooking block structure equipped with suction fan with electronic control of the rotation speed of the motor with three steps of normal operation + two in the intensive stage, allowing not to have the usual exposed hoods – suspended and a considerable reduction of noise related to the aspiration in favor of listening to those who hold the courses

– thermo-acoustically performing casing
Class B building, roofed and façade, connected to district heating, equipped with solar panels – thermal and led lighting as a result of a lighting project
Windows with tempered safety glass in the roof and laminated on the façade, thermal break, low emissive, selective towards the light / energy, equipped with insulating channel with argon gas

– floor of the “amateur course” in fine porcelain stoneware, large format photocatalytic, which belongs to the new frontier of eco-friendly materials, the only ceramics in the world for anti-pollution and bactericidal floors and walls thanks to the sunlight of the skylight above combining aesthetic qualities with an effective bactericidal and anti-odor action

– floor of the adjacent room in industrial wood in favor of the warm, natural and very wear-resistant appearance for a multipurpose use

– zenithal natural sunlight thanks to the skylights that guarantee a natural lighting system managed mechanically with a manual motorized system for each “vasistas” that allows a natural air recirculation without the need for further conditioning


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