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Urban regeneration project of the industrial site Cannon S.p.a. in Collegno – Turin, Italy


Urban regeneration project of the industrial site Cannon S.p.a. in Collegno – Turin, Italy

Transformation of a blighted side of the city introducing a new urban landscape of high environmental sustainability, architectural quality


Project description

Urban transformation of an abandoned industrial buildings area, now owned by the company Cannon S.p.a. (former Sandretto brothers), once leader in the field of technologies for the production of plastic material since 1946.

Project’s strengths

The area is well connected with the urban and extra urban network (vehicular accessibility: France avenue, and multiple connections to France), public transport (Turin subway line M1 – Paradiso and Fermi stops) and railways (Frejus railway line Torino – Modane). Existing urban centralities in the vicinity are: shopping village (Paradiso square), Turin University of Primary Education (recently open in 2018 in Certosa Reale).


Project data:

  • Transformation urban area: 45.000 m2
  • Public spaces area: 20.000 m2
  • Project buildings surfaces: 29.000 m2
  • Mixitè: residential, financial services, hospitality and commercial, green urban boulevard, public squares, food court, business areas


Characteristics of the integrated offer:

  • Sustainability of the buildings: LEED certification and ecological efficiency
  • Quality of architecture: innovative buildings characterized by a strong architectural impact, in order to heightens the green in the city
  • Public spaces: free wi-fi hotspots, green boulevard, public gardens and free USB location
  • Bike riding and pedestrian zone: in regard to Via Manzoni, the area will be made accessible to pedestrians and will be made bike-friendly by dedicated solutions, such as bike ridings lanes.
  • Smart city: car and bike sharing locations, together with areas dedicated to electric car re-charging. Smart houses, 5G network.

These changes will be made available in the Collegno town, municipality of 50.000 people in the very first area outside the Turin city centre. The area interested to the changes will be specifically the one in between Manzoni street, De Amicis street, Antony avenue and Sassi street, in the vicinities of Francia avenue and Certosa avenue.
The masterplan will be developed considering two major elements: the green boulevard, which will be the whole project common component, and the commercial gallery, or also know as open-air urban gallery, in Manzoni street. Buildings and areas dedicated both to privates and public sectors will be having these as common elements.
There will be a specific focus on the height of the buildings, in order to maximize the new urban landscape, especially in terms of visual permeability. An equal focus will also be given to the buildings orientation, so to maximize the green-building component of the project.
The feasibility of this regeneration project will be made easier by dividing the interventions in five different steps that will follow the already existing buildings structural inconsistencies, in order to simplify the demolition steps.

Project Gallery

Credits by Studio Maria Sorbo
Satellite Images by Google Earth

Project Location Address



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