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Via Calandra


Via Calandra

Building renovation project and functional redefinition of the interior spaces, with conservative restoration of the ceiling frescoes

At the base of the redefinition of the interior of this house located on the main floor of a nineteenth-century building in Turin, there is the intention to bring together the different atmospheres that you can breathe.
The nineteenth-century environments with frames, frescoes and decorative elements provide guiding and compositional elements to define other or less noble environments or where time has erased the testimonies of the past.
In the noble rooms the frescoed ceilings cohabit with the walls treated with natural paintings in neutral colors and they relate to the other spaces where instead the use of white prevails and where the colored furnishing elements are flanked by a use of color for defined backgrounds and saturated to underline niches, vaults, passages, all in a unitary discourse made of assonances, recalls and visual continuity.

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Credits by Jana Sebastova

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Ida Bonfiglio



  • Ida Bonfiglio

    Ida Bonfiglio graduated in 1993 in Architecture at the Milan Polytechnic. She began her professional activity in Milan in the architectural firm Ravegnani Morosini where she mainly deals with hospital architecture, deepening the relationship with the spaces of the city and the landscape. From 1994 to 1999 she collaborated in teaching at the Milan Polytechnic within the courses of Architectural Composition and Architectural Design held by prof. Roberto Ravegnani Morosini. In 1999 she began a personal journey that led her to take care of architectural and interior design through renovation and expansion of civil buildings and homes. From 1999 to 2005, the collaboration with the Fatebenefratelli Hospital of Milan allows her to take care of planning in the health sector, deepening the issues related to accessibility and the relationship between public space and users. At the beginning of 2000 she moved to Turin where her professional activity is based. In 2002 she participated in the National Course of Bio-architecture and deepened the relationship light_color_matter increasingly central in her design. The projects are developed facing the different scales, from the building and its context of reference inside, to the design of the furnishing elements, in a path in which themes, places, typologies, users, companies, materials and workmanship intertwine and dialogue. The design activity in the studio has always been flanked by the activities in the yard and in the laboratory with the artisans, as the translation of the design into reality is seen as an important moment for verifying and deepening the project. The architect is active in the area through collaborations with local forums, associations and schools. The architect participates in the activity of OAT - Order Conservative Landscape Architects of the Province of Turin - as a member of the Focus Group Competitions and Quality of the Project.

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