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Via della Rocca

Building renovation project for the unification of two real estate units distributed on two different levels

Signs, color and light are the elements with which the space is built in this interior in Turin.
The sign constitutes the identity of the place and the color defines the sign.
The color is repeated as an echo that is transmitted and rebounds from the walls to the elements of furniture, thus helping to define the place.
The blue and yellow contrast, touch each other, in a continuous call.
Space is experienced as a path on which the places overlook: color accompanies movement, the sign identifies space.
The perimeter walls are deliberately white because the white represents the maximum brightness with which to bring out the signs.
The external openings dialogue with what is outside and allow the light to enter.
The light participates in the composition, enters from the external openings enhances the white and is reflected on the color, the saturated.
At the same time the color vibrates and reflects the light, the sign becomes plastic and emerges almost by living its own life.
The relationship with the outside defines the choice of color tones: the blue captures the nuances of the sky, the yellow and the orange relate to the light and the sun that illuminates and warms.

Project Gallery

Credits by Jana Sebastova

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Key Partners/Associates

Ida Bonfiglio


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