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Visiera House


Visiera House

A residential intervention. A house that communicates with external spaces, the Langhe countryside region.

The architectural plan of the building has been able to convey a feeling of serene life plunged into a perfectly respected surrounding, without having to renounce its strong and individual character. The initial project was based on an existing construction. The idea behind it was to adapt the shape of the building to new technological needs and tastes while at the same time keeping its shape and disposition of volumes. The result has been the reduction of sections in the lower parts of the building in order to maximize living spaces.
Despite legal and structural limitations, the completely open plan ground floor ( kitchen and dining room are both in one space) and the ribbon windows allow for a brightly lit living area. This floor is connected to the level above by a single flight open staircase with a very light metal structure, bound by a single transparent wall. The latter has avoided an excessive narrowing of the space and the risk of dimming natural sunlight.
The small parallelepiped space, very squared in shape, has been completed by placing a “lid” to cover and protect the body of the building as well as enhance the rigor of architectural choices. At the same time, however, it tends towards the soft open countryside which clashes with the building’s architecture. The two terraces on the eastern side of the estate also look onto this landscape. They have been conceived as clean and geometrical, but, like the rest of the building, tend towards the surrounding landscape.
Therefore, the plan embodies the concept of finding one’s place without imposing one’s presence. The project has tried to best interpret the clients’ needs by offering a complete and functional architectural plan, reducing spaces to the bare minimum, but at the same time creating wide and bright areas that can freely  communicate with external spaces, the Langhe countryside region, thus establishing an immediate and almost magical contact with nature.

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Credits by Barbara Corsico

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Paolo Dellapiana [Archicura]



  • Paolo Dellapiana

    All the works designed by Archicura seem somehow connected by an almost invisible thread, or even a common approach shared by PAOLO DELLAPIANA and collaborators, who constantly present new, different and unexpected projects and results. The core of their architectural aims, and the constant focus of their attention is the emotional factor which every building can and should  have towards its users. This is the key element that contributes to the physical and mental wellness that a construction should always provide through its shape, the materials of which it is made, its function and relationship with the surrounding environment.  This allows them to escape being labelled into categories, and turns their work into something quite atypical that cannot easily  be constrained into simple descriptions, “schools of thought” or trends. Since 1994, this philosophy has inspired many projects that have allowed the architects to experiment in all the different areas of design, thus constantly making delicate, meaningful and poetic statements that have always been clear and sharp. Archicura manages projects on all different scales of construction: from interior design to big scale factories. The fields of intervention are: residential, industrial and hospitality. They work with public and private clients. They use BIM tecnology since 1996 (.IFC format) Paolo Dellapiana and his collaborators graduated at Politecnico di Torino. All of them studied and had experiences abroad too (Spain, Brazil, France, United States and China).

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