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White Mezzanine

Change of use purpose and restructuring from office to residential, with construction of 4 lofts in the historic center of Turin.

A representative office in the center of Turin needing a new use, a considerable interior height and the desire to create unconventional environments for people who are young in the mind or in the body: these were the premises for our project.

So the idea takes shape to let the shades of the natural wooden floor and the whites of the raised surfaces prevail.
The living room becomes a uniform and bright space, split on two levels by an iron and wood mezzanine which remains open towards the unnique space of the dining-relaxation area.

The functional spaces are well defined: the kitchen is hidden behind a double sliding door and the sleeping area, made of two bedrooms and a bathroom, is clearly separated and hidden from the living area.

Project Gallery

Project Location Address

Key Partners/Associates

Qbo Architetti Associati

  • Omar Baldrighi
  • Donatella Cavallaro
  • Caterina Ceresa



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