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A small white mansarda

A small house for a young man. A small house that contains his mom’s design furniture. The whole renovation must be like a blank canvas where furnishings stand out best. The bed, the table and the library all 70s, furnish the spaces with kindness.
The staircase is in metal painted white, to be light and invisible.
The floor of the loft, where the bed is, is made with the beams recovered from the demolished ceiling, on which a reclaimed wood plank is laid.
The new skylights overlook the roofs and give plenty of light to the bedroom and to the whole attic.

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  • Doparchitetti

    We are an association of architects that thinks globally and acts locally, designing using the head and the heart,  spaces and object for women, children, men and quadrupeds, to improve their quality of life and reduce their impact on our mother earth. "Building, means working with earth, with awareness and responsability..." Marguerite Yourcenar, Memorie di Adriano, Einaudi, 1981, pp. 120-121, 276.

  • Francesca Grilli
  • Roberta Rinaldi
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