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Wooden Energy


Wooden Energy

Turin, the Sixties Architecture. FIAT factory district, close to Palazzo del Lavoro. Improvement based on the newest energy saving laws.

The purpose of the restoration was to increase the current family living space. This renovation project started from the analysis of the owner’s desires and needs.
The starting point was the request coming from the Client’s daughter to have a new bedroom and a study.
The original apartment (65 square meters surface), sited on the sixth floor of the condominium building, was composed by 1 small living-room, 1 room, 1 kitchen, 1 bathroom and a terrace 30 square meters. The objective of project has been to extend the original area adding and redesigning the pre-existing attic.
A wooden and iron staircase, now, links downstairs with the completed renewed attic.
The doubled pitched roof, its wooden beams and bent tiles have been replaced. Flexible wood fibre panels (twenty centimeters thickness) have been added to provide the maximum protection against cold, heat and noise.
Electric heating system, air-water heat pump, guarantees high energy efficiency and valuable comfort all year.
The project had the goal of providing better natural light sources, by four skylights and a dormer, opportunely oriented.
It hasn’t been difficult positioning roof windows in a space under a roof!
The main feature, in this case, is the maximum amount of sunlight into the room.
The final touches, wooden floor all through, white-painted finish walls, decoration, furniture, have been designed by the Client, a tenacious and very challenging Woman.

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Beatrice Rogliatti



  • Beatrice Rogliatti

    Combining work, research and participation in training meeting in order to examine in depth sustainability matters aimed to the environmental-friendly architectural activity. Esperto CasaClima Yunior

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