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A 75 sqm unit located in Turin suburbs, distinguished by multiple layers of flows and functions

Completed in 2014, the unit had originally nothing but a wonderful view of the Alps from the large balcony. There were no separation between privacy and guests spaces, so the project started creating different (and hided) layers of functions and flows, in according with the owner attitudes and behaviours, for her privacy needs, love for cooking, her cat, parties and friends.
A long private corridor conduces from the grey and white bathroom to the bedroom, passing from the small laundry room and walking through a mirrored cabin wich could completely be hided by curtains from the entrance. The bedroom itself is a white freestanding cube containing a round bed, entirely visible from the living space and lightened with a soft, dramatic light from above the structure. The kitchen is accessible from two entrances to divide users and walk around the custom table, designed to be part of this modular space.
The different layers coexist in the unit and let the functions
be part of the same fluid mechanism.

“Single space, multiple layers”

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Credits by Andrea Revello

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Suppliers & Materials

Twible is a 6 people custom table, produced especially for 8th project and designed to be part of an articulate space, with an industrial taste. It is made of two different freestanding steel blocks with a wood top. The central legs give balance to the whole structure even if the pieces are separated.
All the materials are fully customizable.
The bathroom is painted with a translucent grey on a Sikkens product wich gives texture a sharp appeal, in contrast with the smooth white resin on a waterproof wood designed to rise and hold the bathtube at the end of the room. All the private corridor has a wood black floor ending inside the cube bedroom.

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