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The entire project is a system defined by a wooden volume that totally redesigns spaces and functions.

The research for a bright space has been the first intention from the beginning. The second one has been the aim to reach a high quality in informal spaces applying care to the construction details and choice of materials. The situation at the beginning of the design process was presented by an apartment with a high degree of obsolescence resulting need to do major renovation work at the level of distribution and systems. From the start has been done a parallel work between architectural design and thermal/acoustic design, this last one directly followed by the client, which is a professional in the sector.

In the plan of the house, on double exposure East-West, took a dominant central position, a system defined by a wooden volume that totally redesigns spaces. It defines the fluxes and has the triple function of bath, shower and dressing. This element, cut in several places by frosted glass panels, frees up the two sides of clutter accessories and serves the exclusive use of the main areas such as entrance/living room, kitchen and bedroom. The dining area/kitchen has the intention of optimizing space through a “main deck” of a ship.

The whole structure on different levels, has the opportunity to “open up” with a series of horizontal compartments, trap doors, drawers, doors. The space available for household objects and furnishings is more than double compared to a traditional solution. The table in Corian®, as well as the top of the kitchen, is extendable to 200cm in size 120x140cm.

The interior of the bath is treated very differently than its exterior. The chosen color is a light shade of green and the surfaces are smoothed with cement and glass mosaic. The masonry wall, found in existing solid bricks, which has been chosen to paint without to apply the plaster, has also been the conceptual item for a design of the internal doors. These doors have the intention to be independent elements, as if they were simply inserted into the existing gaps.

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Fermi project wins the prize “Architecture Revealed 2017”
promoted by the Chamber of Architects of Turin in the section
“Temporary and interior projects” and the “Best project 2015” price of the webzine Archilovers.

The project has been published on major italian and foreign countries among which Abitare, Domus, Perspective, The Plan, Architecture à Vivre..

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    BLAARCHITETTURA is an international architecture firm based in Turin, Italy. They have a second office in Cuneo, Italy and a third office in Brooklyn, NY, USA. Since 2011 it has been working in the field of Architecture, urban planning, big exhibitions and interior Design. Works are published on major magazines and journals. They firmly believe that Architecture is the assembly and composition of elements and functions in the three dimensions. The team is founded by Alberto Lessan and Jacopo Bracco and is currently completed by Cristina Cimarusti (USA), Davide Minervini, Thomas Pepino, Alberto Cout, Eudes Margaria, Jessica Marsengo. Blaarchitettura partecipated in conferences as speaker and recently won the award of Architetture Rivelate 2017, promoted by the Chamber of Architects of Turin.

  • Jacopo Bracco
  • Alberto Lessan
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