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Fradiavolo restaurant in Turin

The object of this project, FRADIAVOLO restaurant, is located in Piazza Gran Madre di Dio (Via Ferdinando Bonsignore corner), in the portion of the square downstream of the ancient village of Po, included in the limit of the first boundary of the city of Turin. The building was built to house the canonical house of the parish of the Great Mother of God.

The building, built in 1786, is the work of the architect Ferdinando Bonsignore, and  is it part of an eclectic scene dating back to the post-restoration period. This development phase of the city of Turin, sees the expansion of bourgeois housing and income houses, which are located beyond the Po where small-scale activities once were located. The local FRADIAVOLO is on the ground floor of the building of the canonical house where an office of the Dazio was located and then a Post office. The original windows and doors were kept under the supervision of the architectural superintendence.

The main intervention was to change the destination of the premises as soon as you enter a unique area between the kitchen and the tables of the restaurant through the demolition of an internal partition. Other interventions were those of recovering the walls in stone and bricks, leaving them exposed while maintaining the original plasters. The floors have been replaced with black and white tiles with vintage furnishings recovered around Italy. Vintage blinds, a piano on the walls, have been nailed to the ceiling.

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Vintage buiding with flat brick walls, wallpaper Cole&Son Fornasetti  the name Frutto Broibito, Chiavi Segrete, Nuvole, Chairs Tolix , vintage object tables etc…, black and white 10×20 gres , piano vintage…, logos in corten , lamps vintage bought in Rome, luiken opde plafonds, muren afpellen , decoration of the lime walls , white walls decorations, mirrors with stabilized green insert, custom-designed tables drawn in wood and iron , in the room at the bottom of the orinal ceiling , first bathroom with exposed brick white walls , floor stairs orogy, second bathroom with wallpaper Fornasetti and sink weight,  brass candle lamps along the srairs ,

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Alessandra Siviero [Archinatura]



  • Alessandra Siviero

    Alessandra Siviero born in Turin, graduated from the Politecnico di Torino in 1997, is enrolled from 2001 to the Order of architects PPC of the province of Torino. After having carried out various experiences with different architects and while continuing to help the father in his activity, he starts in his own work of experimentation project with particular attention to sustainability. In 2003 he obtained the qualification and specialization in Bioarchitecture-biocompatibility, Inbar Eco-sustainability. In 2009 the certification to Energy certifier, with subsequent inscription to the relevant register of Regione Piemonte. In 2001 he founded his own professional studio that deals mainly with interior architecture: The primary objective is the final satisfaction of the purchaser who is considered the fundamental value from which the design has to start since its first phase. If the reading of the customer's needs is the prerequisite and the culture of the project .

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